Crid's 1999 Grand Tour of Canada

3 weeks travelling by train from Toronto to Vancouver

Toronto - Winnipeg - Edmonton - Jasper - Kamloops - Vancouver

Day 17 (Monday) - Kamloops + Rocky Mountaineer + Vancouver (Penny Farthing Inn B&B)

Awake at 6.30 for a bus that left at 7.  Despite last night's pig-out at Earl's I was ready for breakfast (perhaps it stretched my stomach).

Like yesterday, breakfast was cereal, yogurt, fruit and coffee.

The views today were even better than yesterday.  We left the semi arid desert behind and headed into almost tropical terrain.  Lots of trees again, and because we are lower down the mountains are more imposing.  For much of the journey the railway ran along the side of a river, with a second railway track running down the other side.  There certainly is a lot of freight movement along these lines.

When we got to Vancouver the train ran through a very long freight yard a few miles from the station.  We then had to wait for a different driver for the last part of the journey.  The train backed into Vancouver station (which surprised me, since it's a terminus).

Our attendant for the past two days was a pleasant young lady called Tiana.  Mid 20's at a guess.  She was friendly and informative and definitely made the journey enjoyable.  I couldn't help thinking that compared to working on an airline, the staff on these trains have a much better deal.  Lots of lovely scenery to look at.

My baggage was waiting for me at Vancouver (phew!), having been transported from Jasper by truck (why they didn't use a baggage car is a mystery to me).  Our coach was the rear-most one (except for the smoking car), so I was able to get straight off, pick up my baggage and get straight to a taxi before the rush started.  A nice clean getaway.

A fairly short taxi ride took me to the B&B.  The owner was out, but she had left me a note telling me which room was mine.

The B&B seems to be in a nice area.  Nice house.  Nice room with a balcony, although the room has no TV (the only B&B on my journey which didn't have one, although Twin Pillars' TV didn't have many channels, because it wasn't cable).

Found a nearby restaurant called Milestones.  The food was good, but the service was very slow.  After the meal I went for a wander along 4th Street to see what was there.  A good selection of shops, all fairly close to the B&B.

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