Experimental Equipment Performance Report Form

(Form completed by Kevin Miller)

Evap-R-ATE-1 and the Flamethrower


    Citizen Evap-R-ATE-1 was issued with a flamethrower. In fact, this item worked pretty well, although he did use it for a somewhat unorthodox reason.

    The Troubleshooters had a problem involving a Green Clearance corridor, a remote vidcam and a coaxial laser. They had stumbled across an automated security system (running independantly of The Computer) which shot at any citizen below Green Clearance who set foot in the corridor.

    Evap-R-ATE used the flamethrower primarily to destroy or disable the camera at the far end of the corridor. Not only did he melt the camera, he also reclassified the entire corridor as Infrared...

    (Sorry about the handwriting - I'm afraid that is beyond even a GM's control).



    This example shows how useful these forms can be to the GM. The player has suggested a way to "improve" the equipment. Next time the Troubleshooters visit R&D they can be issued with a double-barrelled flamethrower - one barrel facing forwards, the other facing backwards. Note that the citizen didn't mention that he'd want to use each barrel individually. So R&D won't fit a switch. The next volunteer will only be able to use both barrels at the same time.
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